FUT in Mexico

Follicular Unit Transplantation (FUT) comprises of small clusters of hairs or ‘follicular units’ eradicated in strips from the donor area of hair, and inserted into the recipient area.

This is a minimally invasive hair loss procedure with a brief recovery period and few complications. However, it takes a great deal of experience and skill on the part of the surgeon which is acquired, only after years of practice.

FUT Procedure

The FUT procedure:

    Places single hair units at the front of hairline

    Places 2 hair units behind the hairline

    Places 3 hair units behind the 2 hair units

    Places 4 hair units behind the 3 hair units

Risks and Side Effects of FUT

Risk and side effects of FUT include poor or slow hair growth which further results in damage to the follicles, infection, noticeable scarring, and poor wound healing.

There is also a slight risk for change in the pigmentation of the skin.

The More Advanced Technique of FUE

With FUE, a specialized punch is used to extract the hair from the scalp. The main advantage of this technique is that follicular units are extracted directly from the scalp rather than in larger groups, which prevents the exploitation of stitching.