Hair Loss Medications

Hair transplant surgery may not be the best solution for you, nonetheless Elaen hair loss surgeons still encompasses options for revitalizing your natural hair. For individuals seeking solutions for hair loss or thinning hair, there are a number of proven, tested products and treatments to explore.

Hair transplant in Mexico is a permanent solution, however many patients experience great success in slowing their hair loss or growing new hair by using non-surgical products and procedures.

When is Hair Loss Medication right for me?

  • Hair loss is not weighty enough for hair restoration Mexico.
  • The need to gradually regrow hair where likely rather than an upsurge from hair transplant surgery.
  • Not ample amount of donor hair or low quality for transplantation
  • Women who endure diffuse hair loss may delineate the aesthetic zone that would benefit the patient most with surgical treatment if hair loss medications are attempted first.

Elaen can prescribe hair restoration products or therapies unaccompanied or as part of an overall treatment that also involves hair restoration surgery Mexico.

Change your Fate.

If you have noticed the slightest amount of thinning hair, hair restoration in Mexico is for you. Hair loss is a progressive condition, generally stemming from heredity, so early detection and intervention is critical.

Intervene and change your fate. Elaen can stimulate your mind with an expert evaluation to diagnose your condition and discuss treatment options.