Rogaine is a topical liquid, not associated by a systemic medication or internal method. Rogaine regular strength and extra strength medications are an enriched alternative to fighting hair loss in Mexico.

Rogaine for Men

Rogaine Extra Strength contains a small dose of Minoxidil-5%, the only FDA approved topical treatment for hair loss and involves 45% more regrowth than regular strength. Rogaine Extra Strength however, is not available for women.

Rogaine allows a heightened infiltration of hairs follicle and expressively retains hair growth with results occurring in as little as 2 months.

Rogaine for Women

Rogaine for Women contains a regrowth treatment containing only 2% Minoxidil (Only FDA approved treatment for hair loss).

Hair regrows ½ to 1 inch per 30 days, so patience and realistic expectations must encircle Rogaine for Women. Hair regrowth with Rogaine can take time.

Rogaine for women is typically continued for up to four months before any sign of regrowth is detected. Rogaine for women must be sustained for complete hair regrowth.

Applying Rogaine during hair restoration Mexico?

Rogaine is applied directly to the scalp in the regions of hair loss twice daily for men and women; typically Rogaine is prescribed in 30 day allowances.

Hair can be styled accordingly once Rogaine dries, giving you the ultimate satisfaction and complete control.