Hair Transplant Repairs

Hair transplant surgery can achieve the unthinkable. The results are so inconceivable that they allow for a natural, undetectable result. Some surgical hair restoration methods have become outdated and superseded in advance technology to date.

Hair transplant repair at Elaen is the use of hair transplant techniques to rework and address a patient’s concern over a prior surgical hair restoration procedure.

Today, patients can utilize repair techniques on their previous hair transplants using today’s distinguished hair restoration approaches. Patients who suffer from inadequate results are encouraged to seek expert hair specialists at  Elaen Hair Transplant Center Puerto Vallarta.

Reenergize your life and rid the irregular and distressing appearance that hair loss can often times lead to.

Good Candidate for Repairs

Dependent on the availability of non-head donor sources, nearly any hair transplant patient can seek repairs.

Hair transplant techniques — all of which can be successfully repaired at Elaen, include:

  • Scalp reduction
  • Juri flap
  • Punch grafting
  • Strip harvesting/strip scars
  • Poorly positioned hair
  • Asymmetry
  • Intolerable hairline

Repairing with FUE

Hair transplantation at Elaen offers you the ability to repair past surgeries which have undesirable results, and encompasses even the grimmest of damages.

Prior patients are offered a clean slate through the innovation of follicular unit extraction (FUE) Mexico.