Cost of Hair Transplants in Mexico

Hair restoration is more than a surgical procedure. It is an art in itself. Our proficient hair specialists are well-known for their ability to create extremely natural looking hair transplant results.

Hair is a significant aspect of one’s presence and can implicate an array of feelings from depression to feeling inferior to others. One of the best resources available today is hair transplant Mexico.

Many individuals shy away from hair restoration options, as it can be very costly. With advanced measures hair transplant at Elaen, hair transplant costs have fallen considerably.

Hair transplant surgeries have gained significant popularity over the last few years thanks to the huge expenses involved in modern hair restoration procedures like Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE).

Coming from all over the US and throughout the world, patients are afforded a clean slate in Mexico. The consultation is free and the journey to a new you can begin today.

Affordable Cost of FUE

The average hair transplant costs in the US can be as much as $6-12 per graft. The comforting notion at Elaen is the hair transplant costs are dramatically lower, nearly 70% of the costs.

Elaen also carries inexpensive solutions to any medications, blood tests, and anesthesia.

It is imperative that you understand the financial commitment you are entering with any hair restoration procedure. Elaen can optimize your treatment plan and allow sessions staged over a period of time or help influence lower costs of hair restoration with financing.