Facelift Scars

Is it easy to pinpoint scarring from a previous surgery?

Sometimes an obvious consequence to facelift surgery includes the pulled "too hard" or in the "wrong direction" appearance of the skin. Some obvious magnitudes include the avoidable alterations in the hairline and the anatomy of the ear.

Scars are undesirable productions that are preventable by proper planning and expert execution of incisions and excessive tension on the skin.

Elaen hair surgeons take a personalized approach and meticulous planning to focus on these detailed and very critical fundamentals following facelift surgery. Our clinics operating approaches accomplish suitable results for patients who place their trust in Elaen.

Making a Difference

During hair transplantation, when proper planning is not fulfilled, the hairline and natural anatomy of the ear become distorted, thus leaving the patient feeling defenseless with diminished hairstyle options and altered self-confidence.

Facelift scars should blend in with the natural anatomy of the ear and hairline. Here at Elaen, this is the most critical aspect of hair restoration.