Unnatural Hairlines

Hair restoration results can often times appear unnatural — due to unsuitable hairline placement, inadequate angling of grafts, or scarring of the donor site and transplant areas. Other times, patients are dissatisfied in the density of the earlier hair restoration surgery, or had a painful experience or slow healing with a previous procedure.

Advanced technologies have given a unique twist to modern practices in fixing undetectable and unnatural hairlines. Older techniques of hair transplants, such as plugs or mini-grafts which cause unnatural results can leave an abnormal appearance. Our goal here at Elaen is to create the most natural appearance for your hair.

Hair specialists at Elaen treat patients who have had hair transplant procedures at other facilities with substandard results. This may include repairing an unnatural hairline, revising a donor scar, or even transplanting hair into a donor scar to conceal it.

Irregularities in the hairline can be easily mended using the following hair transplantation Mexico techniques:

Repair of Unnatural Hair Direction

Unnatural hairline can give way to a unsightly region often times leading to a disconcerting sensitivity for patients and additional hairstyling issues. Using single hair follicular units to date, hair specialists at Elaen can control the direction and distribution of the hair; further avoiding this troubling concern.

Patients who have undergone hair transplant with old techniques, the direction of hair can be corrected by removing individual hair follicles with unnatural direction and replacing them with follicular unit grafts in natural direction and orientation.

Repair of Abnormal Hairline

Abnormal hairline is a result of a plugged appearance of the hairline. Normal hairline is generally irregular with an intermediate presence in front and a densely packed area behind it.

This irregularity can be easily fixed by implanting refined follicular unit grafts; ultimately giving a natural and undetectable result.