Hair Loss in Men

Most men realize that at some point in their lives they may have to fathom losing their hair. Male pattern baldness has become accepted as the average measure for most men.

However, in today's world, our culture put pressure on men to look vibrant and healthy. Consequently, hair loss has the opposite effect — ultimately taking away his youthful inner-glow.

Dictated by both genetics and triggered by hormones can lead to a lack of confidence, and have profound effects on his personal life, professional performance and his alter ego.

“Women don’t find me attractive anymore”…

“I look aged without my roots”…

Elaen completely comprehends these disfiguring assumptions. Hair loss surgeons at Elaen have become recognized experts at dealing with all types of hair loss including medical allied hair loss, male pattern hair loss, and even chemotherapy managements.

Men around the globe come to Mexico with a massive vigor to alter their appearance. Surrounded by the vast causes of hair loss, a vast majority of hair loss in men is a genetic condition. This form of hair loss is known as Androgenic Alopecia or Male Pattern Baldness.

Male Testosterone— flowing through the testis and the adrenal gland is produced by specialized cells called leydig cells, further enriching the internal male reproductive structures. Testosterone is converted into DHT. It is the dihydrotestosterone (DHT) that is accountable for the growth of male external genital structures and secondary male characteristics such as facial hair, chest hairs, and is the foremost core of male pattern baldness.