Hair Loss in Women

Hair loss in women generally begins at mid age, typically occurring during the onset of menopause. Elaen fashions an optimum hair replacement approach for women suffering from the devastating effects of hair loss.

Some women are plagued by diffused hair loss on the top of their heads; while some lose hair in specific regions such as the crown, the anterior mid-scalp area, or the hairline. Most women have lost their hair through a condition called alopecia.

What is Elaen’s approach to hair loss in women?

The growing knowledge lands women’s hair loss on a different path than men’s, and therefore must be generally treated in a different manner.

Female Testosterone—produced by specialized cells known as theca cells in the ovary. This testosterone is transformed to estrogen. The aromatase enzyme is active until the time of menopause when women stop producing estrogen which is ground for hormonal changes, eventually a significant factor of hair loss.