Hair Transplant Puerto Vallarta

Puerto Vallarta is a whirlwind of beaches and shores of luxur y— the city is a sanctuary for medical tourists in Mexico.

Hair restoration in Puerto Vallarta is an aggressive competitor, which attracts thousands of US patients with low-cost hair solutions and professional services.

Experience the Unknown —

Elaen in Puerto Vallarta assists patients from all over the globe suffering from alopecia, including scalp and skin disorders, as well as those seeking hair transplant scars revisions.

Elaen was established to offer sustenance and help all hair loss sufferers. Expert guidance and certified skillset is honorably available to help patient reach a desirable outcome.

Dr. Christian Aglaè León Bobadilla bring knowledge to the surface in evaluating both men and women interested in hair transplant Mexico. As a front-runner in hair restoration, Elaen gives you self-assurance, guided by an expert opinions regarding hair loss treatment.

Patients choosing Elaen in Puerto Vallarta will be greeted with a high level of individual service and scrupulous attention to your well-being.

Sights to See

Puerto Vallarta is situated in the Bahia de Banderas, a 14-mile stretch of sandy beaches. It is the second largest vacation destination on the Pacific coast.

Isolated by its own unique charm, Puerto Vallarta offers modern skyscrapers and contemporary hotels verged by gorgeous streets and a lively community prevalent for shopping, dining and an astounding nightlife scene.

Today, Puerto Vallarta is swarming with charm. Narrow cobblestone streets, lined with shops and galleries, provide perfectly fitting days of amusement, as well as the sweet sound of mariachi bands.

Shop with the local merchants for great mementoes, or find an lively activity along one of many golden, sandy beaches.

Getting to Puerto Vallarta for Hair Restoration

You can fly to Mexico without changing planes from over an abundance of US cities. Puerto Vallarta offers simplicity in traveling to and from the US. Mexico delivers low-cost airfare investments in many expedient cities.

Puerto Vallarta Airport—

Licenciado Gustavo Díaz Ordaz International Airport

Ground Transport—

Areomovil taxi transportation offers quick, professional services from the airport. The combi bus is also available based on the zone of travel. Taxis can be reserved, while the local bus travels to Puerto Vallarta at a small cost.