FUE in Mexico

Conveniently accessible at Elaen, FUE is the latest, most advanced technique in hair loss treatments.

Through FUE technology, our surgeons Dr. Christian Aglaè León Bobadilla makes it promising to transplant hair without the need for scalpels or stitches.


What is FUE?

Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE) is a hair loss treatment that involves extracting or “harvesting” individual hair follicles from the back of the head for transplantation. FUE differs from other methods of surgical hair restoration because it is less invasive. It does not produce one long linear scar and is ideal for those who wish to wear their hair very short or for those whose scalp is too tight for strip harvesting. It can also be used in selected patients with traditional strip surgery for maximum hair cover.

Good Candidates for Follicular Unit Extraction

  • Patients with a limited donor supply.
  • Patients with limited scalp elasticity.
  • Patient who have had several FUT procedures and subsequently have a limited donor supply or limited scalp elasticity.
  • Patients who have a need or desire to wear their hair exceptionally short.
  • Patients who don’t mind closely clipping the donor area hair at the time of the procedure.

For more than 10 years Follicular Unit Extraction has been the procedure of choice for hair transplanting. With this technique, every graft is dissected by our experienced team using estereoscopic microscopes, and planted into tiny incisions in the scalp.

Performed to create truly natural appearing result.

The follicular unit extraction technique (FUE), unlike others avoids a donor site incision; instead, the grafts are harvested one at a time with tiny 0.8 mm punches which then heal as essentially undetectable dots in the scalp.

This technique is not offered by most surgeons because it is technically challenging. FUE supersedes the other techniques and now is the best procedure for patients who are: young or male patients (keeping open the option of shaving their head, African-American patients and patients needing reparative work and have a limited supply of donor hair. The FUE procedure can also obtain grafts that can be then placed into a donor site scar from a prior procedure.

In a typical FUE case 1,500 grafts to 3000 grafts  can be obtained in a single day, due to the extra time (6-8 hours) required for this meticulous work.  FUE is the chief procedure performed in our Reveet locations.

Together in consultation with expert hair surgeons Guerrero Zazueta and Espinosa Chiu, Elaen carefully considers your ultimate desires and the nature of your hair loss. We will explain with complete details of the procedure during your consultation.